Expand Your Business Horizon: Take a New Look at Entrepreneurship

The new entrepreneurial world doesn’t work much on diplomas, certifications or how many years of experience a person has. We see every day how young people without any business experience (and sometimes without high education) manage to create industry-breaking companies and to make themselves millionaires before the age of 30. This doesn’t mean that education is useless, that experience doesn’t count. Even the opposite: it really can help one’s career, but the key is not just there like it used to be.

What matters now?

In entrepreneurship, skills and vision is what really matters. The personal traits, the idea and vision that you have and the way you succeed in communicating with others and in building connections really matters.

The vision matters, because it shapes the way you want to see the world change which inspires innovation. If you start a business just for the money, better rethink your venture. Entrepreneurship is risky business that many people can’t handle, because they have the wrong motives for starting the company. Whatever you do, if you do it with the wrong motives, you will never feel successful.

What motivates entrepreneurs?

It is very important for first time entrepreneurs to find their passion and to work towards making a change in the world. This is how the most crazy-sounding ideas have been turned into the greatest innovations of our century. And now, more than ever, people have that many opportunities in front of them. Embrace the opportunity and follow your vision, work hard towards achieving your dreams, overcome the obstacles and always keep the fascination that your business gives you.

Why do people matter?

Entrepreneurship is a lonely business, yet you may never be alone. You must surround yourself with people whom you really trust, that have the right skills and, most importantly, the right attitude. When entrepreneurs create the company culture of their startups, it is essential to emphasize on the importance of high values. The team matters, the customers matter, the investors matter, other entrepreneurs matter – people matter in entrepreneurship and every entrepreneur must understand how important this is for their business. Yes, do the business for your dream but concentrate on the people, on the value that you will give to them and you will have one fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

─ July 27, 2015