Five Reasons Why You Should Become an Entrepreneur

In his speech at Startup Istanbul 2014, Prof. Dr. Erhan Erkut talked about the investment opportunities and the advantages of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey. Along with this, he  also emphasized on the greatest challenges and weaknesses of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country by mentioning some of the problematic aspects, which slow down the pick of entrepreneurship in Turkey.

“All human beings are entrepreneurs. When we were in the caves, we were all self-employed. As civilization came we became “labor” and forgot that we are all entrepreneurs” Muhammad Yunus

By comparing the entrepreneurial ecosystems of Turkey and Israel, Prof. Dr. Erhan Erkut emphasized on what Turkey is missing on its way to cultivating strong entrepreneurship mindset. He pinpointed that it is possible to create far more wealth with far fewer people if you are playing in the new economy and also highlighted the fact that it is difficult to compete in the new economy with the tools of the old economy.

Watch the video below and learn what are the five reasons why you should become an entrepreneur according to Prof. Dr. Erhan Erkut and hear the valuable advices, which he gives to every person, who is interested in changing the world through the power of entrepreneurship.


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