5 Steps from a ‘Wantrepreneur’ to an ‘Entrepreneur’

Startup Istanbul 2015 came and went by but there are memorable quotes, lessons and suggestions that surpass time and are still relevant to budding entrepreneurs everyday. A great example is Prof. Erhan Erkut in his opening address. He was quick to point out and list rare suggestions that wannabe startup founders can follow in their entrepreneurial journey. Here’s summary piece with that valuable advice.

Read entrepreneurship books

He gave recommendations of book that every entrepreneur should make a must-read.Which ones you may ask, here goes the incredible list:

Follow several startups closely

Choose five startups and follow their progress closely over time. This way you will get a hint of the trajectory path that startups follow. If you don’t have any five startups in mind here is a great place to start with: Check out Startup Istanbul

Offer free help to a startup

For startups this is free labour but for you it’s the best chance to learn a lot on someone else’s progress, experience and mistakes.

Work for a company for five years

It doesn’t hurt to gain some experience on the rough business world terrain before starting on your own.

Startup your own company

Now you can change titles from a ‘wantrepreneur’ to an ‘entrepreneur’. And don’t forget to wear that badge with honour.

Here’s a recap of that segment of his speech if you missed it.

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