Social Entrepreneurship: 5 Keys to Success

Social entrepreneurship is important part of the general idea of entrepreneurship through leadership, innovation and discovery. Great ideas, innovative approaches and successful execution of these ideas can change the world the way we know it. Entrepreneurship is becoming one of the strongest powers that lead us to solving important problems, and social entrepreneurship especially concentrates and works towards solving the most difficult social problems that we face at the moment and tries to prevent other problems in the future.

Entrepreneurs change the way we see the business world and measure their success with profits and rates of return. The social entrepreneurs make a strong impact in changing the way the whole world is by working on providing solutions to problems through innovative approaches and technology discoveries and measure the success in positive outcomes for the society.

Watch Lluis Pareras at TEDxBarcelonaChange and find out the five keys to success for social entrepreneurs according to him.

─ July 8, 2015