Discover Istanbul: Bars and Clubs You Should Visit

After a very tight programmed productive day and networking with hundreds of new people at Startup Istanbul event, it’s time to relieve your tiredness by diving to Istanbul’s vibrant night life.


Anjelique is a three-storey mansion that offers something exciting for everybody. It offers good food, rich menu and fascinating view. The night club is located on the top floor. There you will find good music, exotic cocktails and very dynamic atmosphere.


Blackk is special destination for Istanbul visitors, because it offers something for every taste: stylish lounge, club and Green Tavern. You will find 18th century Rococo style with nice touch of modernism in the restaurant, huge variety of cocktails in the club and unique view over the Bosphorus.


Reina is located by the Bosphorus and has been one of the best clubs in Istanbul since it opened its doors back in 2003. Reina can be described as a night life complex with its several bars, restaurants and dance floors. You will find different tastes from all over the world in Reina’s five restaurants. Reina is having entertainment concepts so often and hosting worldwide stars like Bon Jovi, Kylie Minogue and U2.

Al Jamal

If you are looking for something from Asia, Al Jamal can give you a night to remember with its Middle Eastern style food, harem-like concept, mixture of oriental and western music and great Bosphorus view. Don’t forget to wait until the magnificent belly dancing show starts.


Babylon has been the one of the most multi-purpose performance centers in Istanbul for more than 10 years. It features very large variety of music including jazz, reggae, electronic, pop, rock, etc. There is no food service in Babylon but they offer very rich cocktail menu.

Living Indigo

Living Indigo has 400m² clubbing space with capacity of 600 people. Indigo focuses on simplicity, but it has state of the art technologies, which allows spectacular light shows, dynamic visual experiences and very high quality of sound.


SuAda plays in a league of its own. SuAda is not located by the Bosphorus, but it’s situated on a private island. Located 165 meters away from the Kuruçeşme shore, SuAda is a three-storey mansion with night club, six restaurants and a pool.


360 is located in the penthouse of a 19th century apartment building and gets its name from 360 degrees amazing landscape views of the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea. The club only comes alive on the weekends.

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