How to Say Goodbye to Career Planning: Create Your Personal Business Model

In his TED Talk at TEDxPlainpalais , Tim Clark, entrepreneurship expert, personal entrepreneurship teacher and trainer and author of Business Model You: A One-Page Method For Reinventing Your Career, shares his view on “traditional” career planning and talks about one very important discovery, which he has made about careers. By shearing his personal career development journey and the surely non-traditional development of his career path, he proves that you don’t have to stick at a job if you are not feeling satisfied with it or excited about it.

This talk can be very valuable for entrepreneurs, who are stuck in their businesses, but still don’t find the strength to move to the next challenge. In this talk many entrepreneurs can find useful tips on how to become better at hiring, by trying to give their employees not just a job, but a job that keeps them excited and motivated every single day. Enjoy!

─ August 20, 2015