’s Florian Jourda coming Istanbul for Etohum Cafe meeting

Florian,  first engineer at will be with us on 7th of September to share his experiences in a growing startup from stretch. ITU Arı Teknoknet will host us for the unique event., one of the flash players in the cloud area has made an IPO this year with nearly 2 billion dollar valuation. After the IPO, first engineer of the company Florian Jourda turned back to his country France and started working as an startup advisor. This monday (7th of September) Jourda will be with us in Istanbul.


Florian Jourda was the first hired engineer at Box, the cloud service for enterprise content management and collaboration. In the 8 years he worked there, he saw the startup grow from 7 to 1300 employees and go public. As Principal Architect, he was involved building many strategic products and solving Box most critical technical problems. He also played a key role in defining and maintaining the amazing company culture during the explosive growth.

After 10 years in Silicon Valley, Florian is now moving back to France to bring back best practices about technology and organizational scaling as a permanent advisor of the French accelerator TheFamily. He is currently working on a new startup project and is travelling through Asia to get inspired by the problems that entrepreneurs are trying to solve in the region.

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