Sunday International Column: Startups around the world #48

Startups around the world is Sunday column series created with the ambition to unite the entrepreneurial community around the world by introducing to the audience different startups on weekly basis. The purpose of this column is to improve our knowledge of what is being created by entrepreneurs around the world, to expand our network, to get informed and hopefully inspired.


SellBeing is easy-to use cloud-based ecommerce platform which allows everyone to create an online store.  Subscription based business model with subscription plans starting from $27 per month. Target: UAE market, with focus on small and mid sized online merchants.


A SaaS solution for e-commerce and content providers to increase visitor traction and convert visitors to customers by making smart recommendations. Conversion optimization is the main problem of e-commerce websites where an average of only 1-to-2 of 100 visitors brought to website are converted (makes purchases). All the ads, SEO, re-marketing and re-targeting efforts/costs made for 100 visitors should be covered by the purchases of the 1-to-2 customers. Segmentify provides on-site marketing by recommending the most relevant products or contents to visitors to increase their retention resulting in conversion optimization and it is integrated to any website in 5 minutes.



Arastta is the next generation of eCommerce software built with modern technologies such as Symfony, MVC, Bootstrap, jQuery, Swift Mailer etc. Thanks to it’s modular and lightweight structure, Arastta provides an awesome marketplace for theme and extension developers. Arastta is a Free and Open Source project with contributors from all over the world.

To learn more about the selected startups,  which will compete in Startup Istanbul Challenge, visit

Expect more startup presentations next Sunday. If you wish to see specific company that you are fascinated by on our list or simply you want to introduce your own startup to the world, do not hesitate to post your suggestion in the comment section.

─ September 27, 2015