Toggl: The Ultimate Time Tracking Tool Every Busy Entrepreneur Needs

Most entrepreneurs are very busy and overloaded with work, never-ending tasks and have swamped schedules. For achieving great results, working hard is not enough: entrepreneurs should know how to organize their time better and how to work hard and smart at the same time. One of the most important things in business is related with good time management. Your productivity is important for the future of your startup and you should try to maximize your productivity levels in order to achieve better results, to complete more work and to increase your work efficiency.

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” Peter F. Drucker

Luckily, there are many awesome tools and apps, which are created with the mission to help all busy entrepreneurs to manage better their time, to organize their schedules in a better way and to boost their productivity levels to the roof.

It is true that being productive is the key to success. Only people, who value their time and the time of others, manage to achieve the best results without stressing out about deadlines, time pressure and procrastination. It is important to stay on the top of your time management, which is the reason why it is time for you to get introduced to Toggl.

Toggl is the ultimate time-tracking tool, which is helping the users to track their personal productivity levels, but it is also perfect for small freelance projects and ideal for teams. If you and your team members need instant productivity boost, achieved through ultimate simplicity, Toggl is the very-easy-to-use tool that you are looking for. Toggl will help you to boost your personal and group productivity in no time, making it look almost effortless.


Toggls makes it easy to track the time you spend working on specific project or for specific client, allows you to submit your information in just a click and keeps a descriptive record of your recorded data. You are able to receive an instant overview of your billable time and team progress, to export time sheets, to email or print your reports and many other cool stuff that will help you to keep an eye on your work progress.

Toggls keeps all your info in sync and allows you to track your time even when you are offline. Once you are back online, your tracked time is synced to your account.


Toggl offers the users flexibility, simplicity and useful data records – everything that you may need from a productivity tracking tool. The basic productivity tool is free, but, for just $5 per month, you are able to get the Pro package, which includes unlimited team size, billable rates, allows you to include sub-projects, and to share your reports. If you want to boost your productivity to the next level, for $49 billed annually, Toggle offers also a complete time management package – the Business package.


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