Working in Home Offices More Productively

It’s awesome to be able to work from home. But not easy as it seems. However, every solopreneur could be focused on working from one spot, at home, instead of darting around from one place shop to another as working space. Working from home lets you spend more time with your family. It lets you work in a quieter and calmer atmosphere. There will be less distractions throughout the day and you can be more focused on your work and goals.

Some suggestions:

Set boundaries. Inform the people in your life about your work times, so they won’t distract you. Having a solid working schedule in place will put you on the right path when it comes to working from home with family around. For example working between 12 noon and 5 pm in the weekdays, so everyone will know and you’ll truly focus on your work. Or to make the phone calls on your baby’s sleeping time.

Music can help productivity. If you are not distracted, find a calm playlist or create one. There are even some ready playlists in music applications for a focused work time. Music with words can distract you but you can try everything from jazz, to classica. You can have several playlists set-up in iTunes etc. Having music in the background can spur you on. Some people can truly focus on the tasks they’re supposed to be working on. It’s strange but worth trying. Also;

Work in a room with a window. Natural light increases productivity.

Work at a standing desk, it boosts both your metabolism and productivity.

Assign a dedicated workspace so that when you’re done, you can pretend walking away from work.

Perk up your surrounding with plants. It decreases stress levels.

Establish work schedule, a simple routine will help you get into the flow of work.

Sometimes, step out of home, take a walk or visit a coffee shop. It’ll get you remotivation.

Organize and store your office supplies and label everything properly. Make sure your equipment is up to date.

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