Most Entrepreneurs Are Clueless

Unfortunately, the investors not the only problem.How many of you are entrepreneurs? Yes most of us including myself in this. Actually both as entrepreneur and an investor. We’re clueless at least when we’re first starting out. Usually we don’t know what we’re doing. And really that’s actually kind of a good thing because if we knew what we were doing we would probably never become an entrepreneur.

There’s a lot of downsides to starting a business. What’s needed we like to have mentorship. We like to have people who have gone through it before unfortunately a lot of people that are investing haven’t necessarily gone through it before. They might have been successful in other types of businesses but they may not have internet experience. They may not have expertise in a lot of the areas that you may need.

And there’s lots of talented engineers all over the world but they’re still need growth in product management, design and user usability, user experience and most importantly what I think is really lacking is a lack of attention to online marketing,analytically driven marketing or growth hacking as the terms come.

Again this is changing as first generation of entrepreneurs that have wins and have exits. The employees and teams at those companies start their own companies. Those first-generation winners become mentors  and hopefully become investors as well.

─ December 31, 2015