The Connection between Money and Passion in Entrepreneurship

You have probably heard many times that in entrepreneurship money is not the greatest motivator – the importance of making a difference and bringing value is what matters. But entrepreneurship is… well, creating a business. As making money is a big reason to start up for many people, it is important that we look at the connection between money and passion in the entrepreneurship world.

Should you work for passion or work for money? According to serial entrepreneur and networker Nils-Henrik Stokke, as he shared it in his TEDxArendal talk, entrepreneurship is about making money out of your passion. He talks about many other important aspects of being an entrepreneur, such as the importance of finding the right co-founder for your business, of sharing your ideas and make it happen through determination and motivation to succeed!

Watch this interesting talk in the video below and leave your comments in the comment section.

─ December 15, 2015