Values and Purpose: Why Profit is not Always the Point?

Small actions can make a big difference when the mission of business is to bring value to the people and to help them to improve their lives. Entrepreneurship is changing the business world tremendously. We have been noticing the rise of many small companies that are really inspired by the idea of improvement and innovation and provide products that bring solutions for specific problems. This is the future of business. The companies of tomorrow will stand on values and purposes more than on profits.

Small actions and efforts made in the right direction can change the lives of many, can bring value to all of your customers and still make your business profitable. Nowadays, it is important that everyone, who wants to create something big and valuable, concentrates on the right business model and embraces interesting business approaches. It is important that you, as an entrepreneur, have believes that the world can be improved and make your actions based on the idea of making an impact.

Brands can bring social change if they are built by people, who have greater purpose than making profit. Through good leadership and sustainability the new businesses can not only make a difference, but may shape the world in a better way, a way that can impact the lives of billions of people. Be part of this change and work towards creating the business that can provide the product and service of great value. During his TED Talk, Harish Manwani talks about profit and explains why it is not always the point. What difference do you make with your business? What difference would you like to be making in the future?

─ December 18, 2015