Why the Best Startup Employees May Not Have Perfect Resumes?

One of the biggest goals for startup owners is to achieve growth and expand their company. When this so-long-waited moment comes, entrepreneurs face another challenge – hiring the right employees. It is tough decision when it comes to choosing the right person for your company, because the requirements for the right startup employee are different from the rest. Startup employees must be flexible, hard-working, talented, and inspired by your vision and your startup mission.

Sense of purpose, motivation, ambition and willingness to keep going when the road gets bumpy – these are just some of the qualities that people, who human resources executive Regina Hartley calls “Scrappers”. These are the underprivileged people, who didn’t have as many chances as the rest, but still have the qualities, skills and abilities to become great team members. Learn more about the power of “underachievers” from this awesome TED Talk, which can change the way you choose your next startup employee.

─ December 30, 2015