3 Movies from 2015 That All Entrepreneurs Should See

Movies are very important part of many people’s lives. The reason for it is very simple – the movies tell stories, which we can learn from, which bring different emotions to us and challenge us to see the world from another perspective. To inspire your entrepreneurial spirit, here you can find three awesome movies from 2015 that can teach us a lot about what it takes to succeed in the business world. Enjoy!

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In Burnt, Bradley Cooper is a very skilled chef, who is going after receiving third Michelin Star for his London-based restaurant. This movie teaches that you can achieve success if you want it strong enough, work passionate enough, and do your best to learn from your previous failures, no matter how painful they were.

The Intern

When you hear the story line: a 70-years old intern joins the team of a successful startup company – you know that it will be an interesting movie that has a lot of funny lines. But this movie presents much more than an amusing story. It showcases the hardship of being an entrepreneur, the sacrifices that startup owners make and the connection that they feel to the companies they have built from scratch.

The Big Short

In this movie, three separate stories about the 2005 USA mortgage market are told. Here we see how different people see opportunities where others don’t see, but also the story presents one very harsh truth – doing business, especially when very strong players are involved, is not always that fulfilling experience as many people expect.


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