Pitching to a VC? Here's What You Need To Know #2

This piece is derived from David S. Rose speech at this TED TalkDavid Rose a serial entrepreneur turned serial investor is also the CEO of Gust. And what’s the second most important thing after integrity? Let’s see if you can get this one. (Audience: Self-confidence.)  Close enough! Passion. Right, so here you want — entrepreneurs by definition are people who are leaving something else, starting a new world over here, creating and putting their lifeblood into this kind of thing. You’ve got to convey passion. If you’re not passionate about your own company, why on Earth should anyone else be passionate? Why should they put more money into your company, if you’re not passionate about it? So, integrity and passion: the single most important things out there. Startup Turkey also hosted David S. Rose and below is his talk at the conference.]]>

─ January 19, 2016