First step to becoming a master in hustling

This is an excerpt from the keynote address by Steli Efti CEO at during Startup Istanbul Conference where he talks about the importance of showing up as a first step into mastering how to close sales. As you running working hustling in a startup know that pain and discomfort is the signal. What signal ? That you are going in the right direction, whenever you uncomfortable you’re going in the right direction because it is outside your comfort zone. Anything you want to accomplish, anything that you desire to accomplish with your startup that you have not accomplished yet which means it’s going to be outside your comfort zone is gonna require you to grow into things that are not within the easy round of things. The first simple step to becoming a master in hustling is showing up. It is not rocket science. What does showing up mean? Showing up it’s actually the easiest exercise translates into all kinds of forms. Showing up could be coming to a conference like this? Could be picking up the phone  and calling somebody. Could be sending that email. Showing up is meaning you make that first step to connect with another human being or a group of other human beings in order able to start a relationship and make something happens. It doesn’t matter what that relationship is. It could be to sell to a customer get an investor get somebody to write about your press coverage, hire someone, whatever it is you do you always want to reach out and show up to a group or one individual human being to accomplish something together or influence them in a away where they move in the direction we want them to move into. Very simple showing up is the simplest thing to do but it’s still very hard.  ]]>

─ January 3, 2016