How To Avoid Time Wasters

Whether you’re a business leader, or a newly entrepreneur, you must avoid these time wasters:


  • Salesman: It’s a fact that small business leaders get a lot of phone calls from salesman. Really time consuming. Maybe you won’t be polite but you either have to interrupt their speech, tell you’re not interested and shut the phone or even if possible you may not hang up at all.
  • Employees: Every business needs their employees, without them, the business means nothing for sure. But you can spend hours and hours to find a good employee on the recruiting, managing, training or hiring periods. Think about the conversations you have with 1 employee in the day, think of the times you exchange emails, think of the meetings, think of the time you spend when creating the documents for their training etc. This way you can measure and reduce the time. Hiring on the other hand is maybe the most important part and you can’t just gloss over it. You have to take as much time as necessary to make sure you do the interviews right, in order not to hire the wrong person.

  • Family: Being your own boss wants you to separate your personal life and work life. You have to learn leaving your personal things in your personal world, at work times, you have to also train your family to keep distance to avoid making mistakes or wasting so much time when you have lots of things to do for your business. It’s not an easy job to set the boundaries though. You may work from home and kids can get sick, family members can have important questions for you, there can be some celebrations etc. You need to balance the needs of work and family.
  • Administration: Throughout life we waste our time mostly with taxes, emailing, bill paying, recruiting… These administrative duties suck the time out of us. A happy business is an active business that operates its administrative tasks properly. Bad administrative practices can effect everything in your life in a bad way. Be careful.
  • Banks: If you want Money from a bank, get ready to spend lots of hours. Because the bank will want to know all the details about you. So if you prepare good enough beforehand, you will waste less time for sure.
─ May 23, 2016