Steli Efti: Thoughts On The Turkish Startup Ecosystem was a speaker at Startup Istanbul Conference. He gave a highly exciting talk on closing sales. After the event we caught up with him for an interview. He confessed his love for Istanbul’s lovely mix of culture and also assesed the entrepreneurial ecosystem around Turkey. Here’s what he thought of Turkey’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Did you see any promising startups? Yeah, so I’m I’ve met with a few very promising startups, I have a lot more meetings now after my talk I’m excited now that it’s all about my talk to him I can just like help it meet with with people but some some really good companies here some really good entrepreneurs.The entrepreneurial quality I think is also coming part of the DNA, the Turkish DNA of like you know being entrepreneurial being good at negotiating,handling things so I think there’s a lot of promise in this area. What do you think about the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem? yeah I think that Turkey has this unique opportunity because you guys are at the center of so many different cultures and so many different things. I think Turkey has been on the rise from an economic point of view so I think that there there’s an opportunity. Whenever you take something that has cultural richness that usually leads to innovation, usually leads to different type of thinking.I think the best thing that Turkish startups and startups in Istanbul can do is to embrace your unique authentic competitive advantage versus trying to copy you know what we do in Silicon Valley.I think if Istanbul can embrace its strengths it can do things other ecosystems couldn’t do. So I think Im excited about that. I hope that will happen. Below is the full video on the interview. [embed][/embed]  ]]>

─ February 5, 2016