10 Tips for Your Next Pitch

During Startup Turkey 2016 the attendees had the opportunity to attend the Pitch Masterclass of Peter Hopwood, the pitch coach from Hopwood communications. If you missed it you can read below the highlights of the tips and techniques he shared with us or you get the full video at the end of this article.

1- Trust

People are going to judge you as soon as they will see you on stage. Don’t let them be indifferent, you have to make them like you. To bring trust they have to see that you have nothing to hide and body language helps. Show your palms and have an open space in front of your stomach area.

2- Manage nerves

Even if similar ideas might exist, remember that only you has the passion you have about your project. Your communication will differentiate you from the rest.

3- Performance

Be the best version of yourself, convey energy and even though the audience doesn’t send back signals that they are interested in what you are talking about it’s up to you to engage them

4- Gesture and stance

Set your shoulders straight and stand with your feet a little apart. Don’t move around too much.

5- Eye contact

Don’t focus on anyone but rather have a peripheral vision to be more relaxed

6- Be concise

Say only the things that brings value to your pitch.

7- Silence

You can speak slower and use pauses or speed up and then deliver a key message.

8- Your voice
You can lower your voice to send a message of authority.
9- Tell me a story

Have 4 or 5 little stories in the back of your head that you can use.

10- Call to action

What do you want your audience to do? Have a chat, subscribe etc.


That were the 10 tips for entrepreneurs to deliver a better pitch. Do you have any other advice? Don’t hesitate sharing them with us in the comment section.


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