5 Must Have Presentation Skills on How to Pitch and Get Funded

Starting a business can be extremely difficult due to the many inevitable challenges an investor faces during startup. It may take extensive proposals to get funding. Getting capital may take you along time traipsing in and out of other people’s business ventures trying to sell them your business plans. It may take you a lifetime trying to get an interested investor if you lack proper presentation skills.

Any entrepreneur needs a hefty stack of cash to turn their ideas into running successful business.You may have great ideas and implementation plans but without capital it’s all null and void. Let’s look at some important points that which can help you get funded successfully through pitching.

  1. Understand your purpose

You must be able to understand the purpose of your business plan before presenting it to investors. This will go a long way in helping you crave for an excellent pitching. A successful pitching means being well prepared through rehersals.The purpose of your pitch will help you get the investors undivided attention.

  1. Have a written presentation

Business moguls normally have very tight and demanding schedules. This means that time is of great essence to them. As an entrepreneur looking for funds from investors you should have a comprehensively summarized written presentation. This should have details of all relevant and sensitive areas of a business including your financial records if any. This will save you in terms of time and energy while remaining relevant. It will help you keep them interested.

  1. Be appealing

You should avoid bombarding the investors with irrelevant material and make your presentation as engaging as possible. Building your business presentation around a story would be a perfect way of getting their interest. The reason being that stories are memorable and easy to connect with due to their emotional attachments. Remember that you must be able to prove to the investors that you are capable of selling to convince them to invest in your project.

  1. Be creative

Creativity will call for outside the box thinking. Telling a story is an awesome way of engaging your audience when seeking for financial boosting. You can as well as use pictures to compliment your story. This will linger in the investors mind for quite some time and build your credibility in the process.

  1. Be passionate

You must show your passion in business by conducting it in a diligent manner. Investors will be looking for that spark of fire in your eyes as you pitch. Prove you can sell passionately by selling your pitch well. Your passion will be contagious to them. A thorough research will help you answer tricky questions correctly. If your pitching manages to keep them on their seats edges they will absolutely fund you.


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