5 Reasons To Know User-Generated Content

User-generated content is very important nowadays in the business world. Your social media followers can promote your product or company in a more natural and authentic way. According to a research 1.6 billion people use social media (mostly Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) spending more than 5 hours a day consuming content created by the accounts they follow.

So how can you use UGC do for your own business and why is it this much important? We’ll give you 5 reasons why.

It’s promotional: A good consumer with thousands of Instagram followers may advertise a specific product of yours to recruit buyers.

It’s trustworthy: People using social media trust their connections. According to a research, 92 percent of social media users trust UGC more than traditional advertising.

It’s relevant: Most people promote products that are relevant to them and their followers. Logical population. So your product is on the right track.

It’s influential: Again with the research numbers: Around 60 percent of all respondents consult social media before making any purchases, and again 85 percent of them say that user generated content really influences their purchases.

It’s memorable. Consumers really remember these authentic contents for all of the reasons above, with 35 percent finding it more memorable than any other form of media.

So, as a sum up, if you want to boost up your sales, you must build engagement with your audience through consumers’ own authentic content. On the other hand, brands are often afraid to be “pushy” and therefore do not provide clear instructions for submitting content. You can ask customers to tag posts of themselves interacting with your products or services which promotes your brand in a more personal way.



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