Your Tweets Are Leading Campaigns

This article is written by Mohammad Eslim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Sanjeet has been working at Twitter as the Lead Technology Creative for Brand Strategy EMEA. He is an expert on the role and application of technology and adtech and has delivered award-winning campaigns for global brands. He’s a strong advocate of ecosystems and partnership, and has been fortunate enough to work across cultures and geographies to understand how the application of technology is more important than buzzwords. He has delivered campaigns utilizing the latest technologies for clients such as Burberry, TopShop, Unilever, Tesco, Samsung, Xbox, John Lewis, Adidas, Volkswagen, Playstation, Orange and others.

Simple words in a tweet have a larger value than it seem, there are many platforms that for people to use where they share their experiences, express their feelings and moods, share their opinions among doing other things. Facebook and Twitter are two leading platforms with huge base of users in the social media sector around the globe.

So how can the tweets and posts you share across these platforms have this huge effect that campaigns would have to be accustomed to it? Well, for starters you, as a tweeter, have to know that there are a billion tweets received every two days, which leads us to acknowledge the enormous amount of data collected about almost everything from people around the world. That of course tells us something about the size of the servers used to store the whole data, but that’s not the real issue here.

The main thing that should grasp our attention here is the huge amount of data we post without actually realizing the effect it can have on the businesses some company have, the changes of decisions in many aspects or the products that can be built based on it.

Starting with the most affective change the data collected of these social media platforms has done, Politics. Politics is a complicated science and admittedly, it’s not based only on what party the candidate belongs to but also on what do the people feel about him, what do the people him to achieve and whether the campaign is in their benefit or not. However, it was relatively hard to collect this data directly from users even with the election box out there.

In the 21st century with the technology exponential boost in every aspect of our lives, all of the abilities we couldn’t pursue has flourished with the artificial intelligence and the big data. And as so, it became easier to see the new trends and know what people like to do, like to have, want to do, want to achieve and what they choose. In politics, this big data helped candidates and governments study the campaigns’ designs according to the data collected from peoples’ tweets much like Vigiglobe which was making use of this data from Twitter and studied it based on sentiments, moods and perception when it comes to politics in order to understand the electorate. There are case studies built on the public opinion, what do people most people demand in regards to their rights, as instance in this case the French government when there are elections and they want to understand what the important points are that the people are talking about.

As of now, it became a second nature for politicians and campaigns to start using Twitter’s data as a way to understand the electorate but alas, there aren’t enough products out there that do this at price point makes sense to them and that was the need for companies such as Vigiglobe to analyze Twitter’s data in order for governments to understand more about the electorate when there is a need for it such as soon elections for governments. 

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