Startup Turkey 2019

100 Entrepreneurs From 65 Countries Came together on Startup Turkey

Annually hosted Startup Turkey, which has grown to become one of the biggest tech convergences worldwide for 11 years and running, held on the 26-29t of April in Istanbul this year. This year, 130,000 entrepreneurs applied to Startup Turkey 2019. Many entrepreneurs from all corners of the world, strong names that drive various industry sectors, companies and investors all came together to be a part of Startup Turkey 2019.

Turkey’s leading accelerator program and seed investor organization, Etohum’s 11th Startup Turkey event brought over 1000 participants, more than 150 investors and 100 entrepreneurs together between 26th and 29th of April at UNIQ Istanbul.

The Startup Turkey 2019 event hosted entrepreneurs from many parts of the world. 100 entrepreneurs from a span of 65 countries were selected from 130,000 startup applications. During the event, the selected entrepreneurs met with global technology firms, companies in Etohum Investor Club, and leading investors.

Investors and risk capital companies got the chance to listen and invest in the entrepreneurs they got attracted to. Leading names if the industry also gave information about developments and their sector’s performance of the last year through panel sessions and speeches.

Founder of Etohum, Burak Büyükdemir commented on the 11th Startup Turkey: “Startup Turkey continues to grow every year. Especially last 5 years, the event channeled 100 million dollars’ worth investment to 30 entrepreneurs. Startup Turkey continues to be an event which entrepreneurs excitedly awaits because of this. I believe Startup Turkey will continue to be one of the most important entrepreneurship events of the world.”

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─ April 29, 2019