Startup Estonia & Startup Turkey 2019.

Startup Estonia is One of Our Sponsors at Startup Turkey 2019.

Startup Estonia is a governmental initiative aimed to supercharge the Estonian startup ecosystem in order to be the birthplace of many more startup success stories to come. They are working on making Estonia one of the world’s best places for startups, partnering with and uniting the best of startups, incubators, accelerators, private and public sector.

Estonia is known for country’s e-services and transparent business environment, providing it also digitally through the e-Residency programme for everyone around the world. In the past two years, Estonia has also worked on helping non-EU founders grow their startups in Europe by choosing Estonia as their starting point.

Estonian Startup Visa helps both founders to start their companies in Estonia and employees to work in Estonian startups.

“There is so much potential in Turkey and we feel that combining that with the success of Estonia’s startups and the supportive ecosystem we have could be mutually beneficial for both Estonia and Turkey – it’s entrepreneurs as well as employees,’’ says Merilin Lukk, the Startup Visa Project Lead for Startup Estonia.

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