Murat Kansu

How Important Is An A-Team To Your Company?

This article is written by Nardine B. M’barek, a Contributor Author at Startup Turkey.

Murat Kansu is the General Manager of Microsoft in Turkey; he is responsible for leading Microsoft in this region. He joined Microsoft in 2003 as Server and Tools Group Lead for Microsoft Middle East and Africa (MEA), and has gone on to serve as Director of Business Operations in Microsoft MEA, Enterprise Customer Sales Director, MEA Emerging Markets and acting Country Manager of Microsoft Kenya.

As a big company, Microsoft has been in the field for several years, and gained a huge amount of experience thanks to its relationships with new startups and companies. Mr. Murat Kansu was the representative of Microsoft during Startup Turkey 2016, he shared with our audience tips and actions that you need to do in order to become a successful entrepreneur, and get your company to the top.

The first tip that Mr. Kansu gave to our audience, was the fact that you should not look for investment at an early stage. In the beginning what matters the most is a well-developed product that could satisfy your clients’ needs and expectations. If you reached that stage where you have got a successful product that is worth everyone’s money, you can start looking for investors and connect to global companies like Microsoft, so that you can get a new amount of customers, that is how you can become a successful entrepreneur.

The thing is how to last as an entrepreneur? When you first establish a company and build a product, you are probably in love with what you created. As Mr. Kansu said, in the majority of the relationships that include love, there is that refusal to share it, you feel the need to own it and keep it to you only. That is also one of the biggest mistakes to do. If you love your company a lot, then you need to look after it and think about its success.

In order to do that, you need to hire people who are even better than you, and who have the ability to help you make that company or product as successful as you could while working as a team. You need to build an A-team who can write codes better than you, and possibly connect you with your customers in order to meet their needs since that is the most important aspect of establishing a company and promoting your product.

This is a very important point that not every startup is following, they are falling into this trap again which prevents the idea from growing and being developed, simply because they do not have an A-team that could do that.

When it comes to managing your company, you need to know what things to do because they are right, and which decisions you should not make because they will only harm you and your company. Your investors will push you for greater returns and revenues, which is also a big trap that you may fall in.

If in any case, you listen to all their demands too much, then it will become very easy to get distracted from your own focus which is, again, making of your company a successful one, and developing a product that could easily attract clients. You need to build a managing structure while focusing on your core competencies and make your customers very happy, your second priority would be keeping your investors happy as well.

─ April 18, 2019