Murat Kansu

Managing Your Team The Right Way

This article is written by Nardine B. M’barek, a Contributor Author at Startup Turkey.

Murat Kansu is the General Manager of Microsoft in Turkey; he is responsible for leading Microsoft in this region. He joined Microsoft in 2003 as Server and Tools Group Lead for Microsoft Middle East and Africa (MEA), and has gone on to serve as Director of Business Operations in Microsoft MEA, Enterprise Customer Sales Director, MEA Emerging Markets and acting Country Manager of Microsoft Kenya.

Mr. Murat Kansu is the representative of Microsoft in Turkey. He is the General Manager of the company in the region and is responsible for leading it across Turkey. He was present with us during Startup Turkey 2016, and gave our audience tips concerning how to be a successful entrepreneur who actually lasts in the field, and what are the things that you should and should not do while trying to become successful.

When you reached that amount of success that is going to make your company bigger and more successful, then you are going to have those certain amounts of layers of people in your organization, which could present a big risk, and actually, make you lose your cultural values. By cultural values, Mr. Kansu meant your need to help your customers and make them happy, as well as the belief that you need to furthermore develop your product and your company. These values are susceptible to disappear very quickly when your company becomes very big, and you add these different layers of people and departments.

The customers need to be your focus throughout your career as an entrepreneur. You need to keep in mind that your company will not even exist without its customers and that your product will not be useful if it does not have anyone to satisfy even if you grow your business in size.

Among the startups that Microsoft has been working with, the successful ones are those who keep all of their work focused on their customers since that is the best strategy to follow. They only acquired fundings after almost 10 years of operation, they did not give much attention to money and investors in the beginning when they first established their startups, but instead focused on developing their product and made the whole process customer-centered rather than only focusing on success and revenue, that is why they became successful.

They have built good managing structures and recruited very good teams with experienced engineers who helped them reach the top later on. This is exactly the working model that every entrepreneur needs to follow in order to avoid falling into traps that could harm both the company and the product, as well as that entrepreneur’s career.

A considerable amount of people believe that there is an invisible kind of revolution coming, that could also be compared to the old industrial revolution that was followed by the invention of cars, and the massive use of oil and all.

According to the IDC, with the development of IOT and big data, there will be an estimated revenue of 1.6 Trillion of related economy by 2020. In relation to this, Mr. Kansu believes that if the Turkish startups take the right steps and follow these insights, then they can capture a big portion of that revenue as well, and maybe make Turkey a startup nation knowing that Microsoft already thinks that this could really happen in case Turkish startups know how to do things in the right way.

─ June 16, 2019