3 Thoughts to Unleash Your Inner Hero

This article is written by Amira Ibrahim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Tim Draper is an American investor and venture capitalist who was born in 1958, Tim is the founder of Draper University and Draper associates. Draper was an early investor in a couple of great startups like Skype, Tesla, Hotmail, Theranos.

Tim will explain to the audience in this orientation session sponsored by ETOHUM, that was held in San Francisco2017 inside the campus of Draper University how entrepreneurs are the heroes of the world. 

  • Always think out of the box: 

Draper University was created in 2008 exactly after the financial crisis has pumped-up in the world, and the need to a new way of thinking and the eager for a creative fresh innovator has been much stronger. 

The normal school systems taught students to be very safe where people all want to be the same and always go with the flow. This is exactly what draper university try to encourage people to avoid. 

As an entrepreneur, you always have to think out of the box and look for what will differentiate your startup and your ideas from any other business. 

  • Silicon Valley Culture: 

Silicon Valley is known for being the mother of all startups and the home for any entrepreneur, as Tim Draper and his family was one of the earliest investors in Silicon Valley companies which started with small farms and to reach to big technology companies, 

What connects everyone in Silicon Valley is breaking from the norm and start something different, as crazy as it may seem to leave you safe job that starts at 9am and ends at 5pm, but breaking all the rules and trying to innovate will definitely pay off. 

Tim has 40 years of experience in entrepreneurship and what really makes him happy is when he sees people try to create something new whenever a new technology came along. 

  • Big Opportunities with every new innovation: 

Cryptocurrencies are the best example that new technologies can change the face of the world as we know it. In the past if you want to open a bank account it will cost about 200 dollars to do it, also you will face hundreds of procedures and dozens of paper works. But with the revolution of Bitcoin it all changed. 

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