Entrepreneurs Are The Super Heroes of The World

This article is written by Amira Ibrahim, a Contributor Author at Startup Turkey.

Tim Draper is an American venture capital investor who is also the founder of Draper University and Draper Associates. Draper during this session that was sponsored by Etohum in Draper University San Francisco 2017 Draper will talk about why they started draper university and how did the normal system of education don’t encourage people to be heroes Draper created a new ecosystem where people always keep trying and accept failure and then turn all this to a business where people make money spread and grow.

Tim said that draper university has worked very well as people was very hungry to this kind of new creative way of thinking.Teaching future instead of history and changing education was a great thing they did in Draper University.

Draper is a venture capitalist who grew up in Silicon Valley like his father and grandfather. He watched the valley from being the center for farms and small businesses to the center of entrepreneurship and innovation, and all it takes is people who want to break from the norm and looking for other options than working in a job from 9-5.

Draper tried to push things forward, and it has worked quite well with him, Draper has 30 years of experience. Draper saw the amazing wave of entrepreneurs when any new technology came out from games to application to small companies all of this was amazing to watch.

Draper mentioned that he is looking for companies that will use blockchain technology to change government services and make it easier and much efficient and cheaper.

Draper look for industries where people get the worst services for the highest cost, citing that it is a big opportunity for entrepreneurs.

The best time for entrepreneurs & venture capitalists is now, because of the big changes that are happening in the world it is now much easier to reach new ideas and to create new solutions, as now is one of those times that you can break through things and change your life. according to Draper, if you are hugely successful your business will take 15 years to boom.

Steps to build a successful business:

1.Think about how your business will be like in 15 years

2. Think about a new idea

3. Search on Google to see whose also doing the same idea

4. See whose also successful doing the same business

5. How your business will be different from all other ideas?

Tim says that he sees entrepreneurs as superheroes and he starts telling a story about a guy (Ian hart)who took him on a ride on electric car it was super-fast and fun and this is when he realized that electric cars will be the thing of the future and this is when he sees his method of thinking in 15 years in advance he realized that this method really works, then he talked with the founder of Tesla(martin ever hard)and they run out of money and then Elon musk came with more money and all of this people are heroes, as all of these people are heroes as they push it forward, like there will never be Facebook without My space.

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