5 Types Of Software Applications That Are Redefining Businesses

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Masaru Ikeda is the founder of The Bridge, he is a tech entrepreneur, tech blogger/journalist and system consultant based in Tokyo, Japan.

The digital disruption is not a theoretical concept anymore. Its taking effect in every form possible within the business world. Today we have prepared four case studies that showcase how digital technology is penetrating the business world in amazing ways. Have a look :

1. Photo Software application

With the desire by internet users to share moments that they encounter in almost every place and event that they visit, there has been a demand for better and finer pictures to be uploaded online. This has seen innovators come up with picture editing software applications that can be downloaded for free on smartphones to edit the location, color and even texture of the taken pictures. This photo editing software application has made its target customer increase their self-esteem over the type of content they share online.

2. Consumer to the Consumer software application

Now, this is a type of software application that has opened the digital market for consumers to resell to other consumers the type of products that they are not using at the moment. This type of software application is on the rise especially in low-income areas where people cannot afford high-end new products. Consume to consumer software applications have to be credited for enabling better life among low-income earners.

3. Travel Guide Software application

For those that love traveling, there have been a couple of software applications that can help you analyze the most affordable and tested travel options. This includes hotel prices, flight itinerary, sites to visit and even the chance to meet the travelers visiting the same places just like you. These travel guide software applications are replacing travel agency companies as they are more dependable, interactive and fun to use. Most of these software travel applications don’t charge a dime to download.

4. Crowdsourcing software application

Anytime there is social concern that calls for willing members of the public to make financial contributions it has always been hard to get the right channel and in good time to raise funds. But this is no longer the case since the invention of several software applications that make it easier for members of the public to open a verifiable account online and donate money which can be tracked to the recipient. Crowdsourcing software applications have made it easier for transparency in social funds-drive campaigns to be assured.

5. transport system software applications

And finally, we all know about the Uber among many other software applications that have revolutionized the transport industry by making it affordable for ordinary members of the public access quality vehicle services at great rates.

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