The Digital Media Industry

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Masaru Ikeda is the founder of The Bridge, he is a tech entrepreneur, tech blogger/journalist and system consultant based in Tokyo, Japan.

With the digital disruption taking place within the world of business, many accommodations are being sought by entrepreneurs to ensure that digital changes are embedded in businesses. One industry that is transforming at a fast faster is the media industry.

The media industry has proven to change with times and seasons since prehistoric times. We had a time where news was written on notice boards at specific points in the community and someone had to be responsible for updating information on such notice boards from time to time. Then another development came in place which saw news being spread on writer pieces of paper that were made in may copies and distributed widely in the name of the newspaper. We still have hardcopy newspapers though they are dwindling every day.

We cant also forget how the television and radio industry made the media industry lucrative. However, with the entry of digital devices like smartphones, laptops, and computers everything is taking a twist of the event in this Digital era. First of all, the hardcopy newspaper business is gone be out of reasonability very soon as everyone will prefer to read the e-paper which is faster, affordable and more environment conserving.

Also, many television stations are bound to come on board since anyone with the right communication and media skills can use their smartphone to shoot a television station or run a radio online. So this means that the media industry during the digital revolution era is gonna be competitive and also offer the public a varied option of media content to consume. 

Therefore, one way to stay ahead of the game for any entrepreneur aiming the media industry as the world enters into full digital disruption is to consider innovating software applications that offer news based on an individual basis. This is for the simple reason that people are busy and would only want to consume catchy media information that relates to their lives alone. No one wants to read about sports in this digital age when their only interest is in agriculture.

The future trend that will separate successful digital media organizations will revolve around technologies that will monitor the behavior of the target audience online and offer them media content that is personal and interactive on an individual basis.

However, I am not giving permission to media entrepreneurs to now focus on software innovations that personalize news content as we head into the future of digital disruption.  This is because the digital revolution is unpredictable and trends are bound to change. You never know, some innovator might just pop up with a game-changing technology that will make the world redefine media itself.  But until then, I would advise media entrepreneurs to make sure that they keep pace with any new development in software applications by trying out with as many tech start-ups as possible that offer media solutions.

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