Christopher Rogers

Intersection In Wireless Innovation

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Christopher Rogers is currently a partner at Lumia Capital, an Expansion-stage venture capitalist partnering with leading tech companies in under-invested emerging markets and forward-thinking US companies to accelerate growth. Christopher has 30 years of mobile industry experience and has established himself as a successful entrepreneur.

During Startup Istanbul event 2016 and as a Lumia Capital partner, Christopher Rogers took photos of the audience and intended to send it to many friends in the US because he was concerned that there was a shortage of American investors in fields such as Turkey, with a multitude of different entrepreneurs and innovative ideas.

Christopher talked about the relationship between innovation and wireless carriers and their need for innovation. In markets where Internet penetration is about 100%, smartphones must be used as one of the main access points to the Internet. This connection between power and operator is the most important.

With more than 30 years of experience in the cellular business, he worked with several other people for Nextel in the US. An opportunity arose that they were in the right place at the right time, when they sold the company for $ 35 billion.

Christopher can now do what he likes and enjoys by investing in the startup companies. In a quick survey, he asked how many cellphones, smart phones, and numbers were almost 100%, although some had no use of data options. Majority use the device for something other than voice calls and SMS. They have business applications, general applications, startups, or ideas that can be developed and used on cellular platforms and which can be upgraded and paid on wireless carriers. Large operators will try to innovate over the next 15 years, but they cannot do it in dollars or DNA, but by creating a simple platform to engage entrepreneurs.

The company, Lumia Capital, is currently focusing on the growth phase and the initial startup stages. They want to start Series A and will later seed funding. They like to meet entrepreneurs and get to know their business as they mature.

Christopher projects a risky world where people change their support in a few weeks, a three-month budget, analyze data every day and make quick decisions. So the world is moving, this is innovation and definitely a battle that is not answered.

As a global operator, wireless carriers is a flight for target users and can be used to show what your device is using safely, but this is the time this device will be used in the study as a 3 hour use for 2020.

The most important part of this is the reduced percentage of people who have conversations and convey messages about what they are doing, which is convincing and truly interesting. This is very important and is the best way to use your technology.

Buying decisions in this region will change dramatically. Therefore, through innovation, operators need to find ways to get closer to their customers, because they have the opportunity to reach young population segments.

Telcos companies live in a world where they have a five-year fiscal cycle where they spend years of strategic planning cycles and want to let entrepreneurs know that they will use your technology again next year because they can budget it.

─ May 7, 2019