Christopher Rogers

Interface in Innovation and Wireless Carriers

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Christopher Rogers is currently a partner at Lumia Capital, an Expansion-stage venture capitalist partnering with leading tech companies in under-invested emerging markets and forward-thinking US companies to accelerate growth. Christopher has 30 years of mobile industry experience and has established himself as a successful entrepreneur.

Christopher discusses the interface between innovation and Wireless carriers and their need for innovation. In markets where internet penetration is not 100%, smart phones must be used as one of the most important ways to access the Internet. The relationship between strong-arms and this carrier is the most important.

While at Startup Istanbul 2016 and as a partner of Lumia Capital. He took pictures of the congregation and intended to send it to many friends in the US because he was worried about the lack of US investors in places like Turkey, with various entrepreneurs and innovative ideas.

From his 30 years’ experience in the cellular business, he worked for Nextel in US, along with several other people. Because they were in the right place at the right time, they sold it for $ 35 billion.

Christopher is now able do what he likes to do, invest in a startup. Taking a quick poll, he asks how many have mobile phones, smartphones and numbers were almost at 100%, though a few had data plans. Many of them use devices for something other than voice and SMS and have a businesses, apps, startups or ideas that could be developed and used on the mobile platform which could improve and be paid for in the mobile platform. Important carriers will try to innovate over the next 15 years, but they cannot do it in dollars or DNA, but by creating an easy plug-in platform for entrepreneurs.

Lumia Capital currently focuses on growth stage, early stage and they’re anxiously looking to start of Series A and even seed funding later. They enjoy meeting with entrepreneurs and learning about their business as they grow older.

As a world perspective operator, this is a flight for focused users, and can be used to show what your device uses safely, but prove that this is the time This device is the number given at lunchtime in 2010, 2 hours in 2015, a 3-hour study for 2020.

The most important part of this is the reduced percentage of time people spend talking and delivering messages about what they were doing, which is convincing and really interesting. This is very important and this is the best way to use your technology.

Telcos survive by living in a world where they have a five-year fiscal cycle in which they have years of strategic planning cycles and they want to tell you that you will come back with your technology next year because they can budget for it.

Christopher sees a risky world where people change their support in weeks, budget in three months, analyze data every day and make decisions quickly. That’s how the world moves, it is innovation and it’s definitely a missed battle. Purchasing decisions in this region will change dramatically. In this way, through innovation, operators need to find ways to get closer to their customers, because they will have the opportunity to reach the youngest segments of the population

─ October 5, 2019