Stefano Dánna – The School Of Life

This article is written by Jeremiah Uke, a Contributor Author at Etohum.

Stefano Dánna is the author of three books; “A dream for the world-Un Sogno per l’umanità”, “Berlusconi In Concert”, and “The School for Gods”. Has been a leading manager of multinational companies including Alfa-Romeo, Olivetti Corporation (based in Milan), Olivetti Corporation of America (based in New York and the Middle East), and FIAT International (Turin and Jeddah). He was present at Etohum İzmir Kampı 2012, hosted at Izmir Ekonomi University, and delivered a session where he shared his experience and gave insight.

At Etohum İzmir Kampı 2012, Stefano spoke to a host of entrepreneurs, students, lecturer and professors alike. He spoke about his journey through life, starting by mentioning that he was as ambitious as everyone else at a young age, but one of the factors that slowed him down was his decision to marry and have children early.

Stefano studied Economics in university, and then studied International Teaching in London, after which he got his Ph.D. in Sociology. Stefano got a job afterward that was not paying well enough, he then lost his wife at 26, at this point he felt that life was against him.

Stefano got new ideas which started modifying his life and realized that attitude played a big role in the results he saw in his life, this spurred him to start learning English late, he advised everyone to try to learn something and be perfect in it. His idea is if we touch perfection in any possible way, we can learn to do things in perfection, no matter what it takes, achieving perfection in anything we do is important.

The turning point in Stefano’s life was when he learned that his life was just a projection of his thinking, imagination, feelings, and reactions. He encourages everyone to complain less and be more positive. Stefano blames the lack of good education and mentorship for the number of unsuccessful people. Success can not be achieved by being chased, just have a great dream that you wish to achieve.

Stefano built a university with campuses in Madrid, New York, Rome, Milan, and Florence. After three years of running his university, Stefano realized that he was producing the same quality of students as other universities, with only small differences such as an added language and experiences working with a few companies. The human qualities produced from Stefano’s university was the same with other universities.

This made Stefano leave the university to be run by his brother, Stefano’s dream for the world is that humanity can be transformed, by correcting attitudes and acting positively. To achieve perfection, Stefano believes that the constant application of good ideas is important, he likens perfection in everything we do to cooking a meal of spaghetti, adding that we can use the recipe for making spaghetti to make a good meal, even the entrepreneurs can apply the same logic to achieve perfection in their startups and businesses. According to Stefano, “one man can transform a nation”.

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