Stefano Dánna – Question and Answer Session

This article is written by Jeremiah Uke, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

At Etohum İzmir Kampı 2012, Stefano spoke to a host of entrepreneurs, students, lecturer and professors alike. He spoke about his journey through life, he took questions from the audience which are:

  • What were the criteria used in choosing your 25 students?

I can see that 5-10% of the audience have been attentive through this session, there is a Turkish expression which means ‘be alive’, we need to consciously be alive, the first condition to be part of my program is to be alive and have a dream. One part of my program ‘Future Leaders for The World’ is acting and drama, theatre is the most important activity of man since the millennia, acting is a power, I would never have a program for dreamers who do not have strong acting skills.

  • How do you expect these future leaders to accomplish their targets if they hide what they really want?

To hide your power does not mean that you don’t have it, if I am able to speak to you longer on another occasion through the permission of your rector, we may read the apology of Socrates written by Plato, you will discover that a man like Socrates who had the power, made a great mistake, Socrates created Plato, who created Aristotle, who in turn created Alexander the great, so the power is there, but the mistake of Socrates which cost him his life, was to be ostentatious (to show off).  Our life can not be controlled by anybody else but by our own dream. It is not enough that you are a dreamer, the world has to be ready for your dream, so you have to be obedient and patient. One day you will see the green light, I think I have the ability to find the green light for some people, this is now the purpose of my life.

  • Dream + time = reality, if I dream, what are the chances that the dream will go on at that time or later on?

We know the problems of the world as it is now, but I think we can have a clean world, we can turn enemies to friends, eliminate conflicts and bring justice, it will not happen in my lifetime, or yours, but maybe it is a dream for the next 1000 years. I am preparing the timeless people who can start working today, for something that will happen in 1000 years. They are almost impossible to find, but I go through the planet to find my students, and hopefully, we will learn to be special kinds of human beings, timeless people.

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