The Digital Era

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Onur’s Microsoft journey started 17 years ago, 3 different countries, 5 different roles, 11 different houses, flew 500.000km a year leading international technology projects. Onur has worked in Microsoft Intelligent Cloud and Xbox product teams as product development director, leading engineering teams. He has returned to Turkey 3 years ago as Microsoft Turkey CTO. In this role Onur is responsible for defining opportunities new technologies are creating for companies and individuals in Turkey, and implementing programs to enable them.

It’s no doubt that we are living in a great time and things can only get better despite all the challenges that we face as humans. This is because, in today’s world, there is that possible for anyone to become whoever they want to be. Thanks to the grace provided by the digital disruption that enables humans to imagine ideas of the world they want to see and make the same to become a reality.

Think about this. Humans are not the strongest species on the planet, but still, they have been able to survive natural selection because of their ability to imagine and create which has seen humans across history start by making crude tools, machines and now robots.

The ability of humans to be creative has been amplified in their daily life cycles where they solved the problems that they encounter. The biggest innovation so far in terms of solving the problems that humans suffer from has been seen

With the discovery of the digital platform which has given humans the power to solve any problem in any field. But again, we have to admit that not every human being has been privileged enough to access and even make use of the digital platform. We still have some people who have completely have neither the access nor the knowledge on how to use the digital platform.

So, in order to keep the globe on the same wavelength of development , whereby everyone participates not only in the process of making their life better but also making the world a better place , there is a strong demand for education on how the digital platform works to be introduced in all education facilities at every level across the globe and especially in less developed economies .

Additionally, investors must prioritize building networks and facilities that enable internet connectivity to be accessible across the world at an affordable rate to the average human being. This will translate into more innovations that will lead to the solving of social problems that are facing society.

As the world thrives to accommodate as many people as possible onto the digital platform, any entrepreneur that would innovate digital devices that are affordable and easy to use by customers from parts of the world that are still left out of the digital economy will surely run a successful business. This is due to the fact that the reason why many people from poorer countries are not included in the digital economy is that they cannot afford a simple digital device or they cannot figure out how to meaningfully participate in the digital economy using their local dialect and symbols.  This is a challenge that digital device innovators need to work out.

Sometimes, great ideas are out of the box. And it’s hard to keep track of their development until full implementation. But with the digital revolution at play, it is not only easier but also efficient to develop a track of your innovative idea through a technology that assists that the bettering of your out of the box idea. Let’s embrace the digital era for a better future.

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