The Age of Super-humans or Super-intellectualized Software?

This article is written by Mohammad Eslim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Onur’s Microsoft journey started 17 years ago, 3 different countries, 5 different roles, 11 different houses, flew 500.000km a year leading international technology projects. Onur has worked in Microsoft Intelligent Cloud and Xbox product teams as product development director, leading engineering teams. He has returned to Turkey 3 years ago as Microsoft Turkey CTO. In this role Onur is responsible for defining opportunities new technologies are creating for companies and individuals in Turkey, and implementing programs to enable them.

In this century, technology is an amazingly powerful, magical tool. Technology gave us the chance to empower people, startups and other companies. We got the chance to work on problems that were deemed unsolvable 10 or 15 years ago. We now can work on technologies and some problems that we don’t even think about yet.

We were made different than any other species on this planet simply by our abilities to create, we might not be the strongest in terms of body strength but overcome the natural selection process with our ability to create and imagine. We made spears, machines, robots, and software; because of that we all have the power to be super humans through the power of technology.

All those tools we created amplified our creativity, our capabilities and our ability to solve problems. How all of that happen? Well, it starts early, too much into our childhoods. We managed to follow the process of which imagining and creativity works to make something new.

  • Thinking out of the box. Sometimes when you implement an idea you imagine things that you didn’t have in the idea in the beginning.
  • Executing your dreams and ideas. It is not easy, you fail many times and you learn from your mistakes. The more you fail and try again the more your stamina, energy and your will to learn more will increase.
  • Finishing it. What you started at the beginning is very different from what you ended up with.
  • Start multiplying. Take offers and try more, learn new things and have fun along the way.

This century’s magic is Software, it is a tool we made that augments our abilities, capabilities and empowers us to be super intelligent humans. The heart of the software is the data. The data is the raw material of more technologies we created; such as AI, machine learning and software. All of these tools are to understand and process the data, and this data will only make sense and create value if you process it. Once we start processing, understanding, building mechanisms to learn; once you start teaching your software to learn to use the power of the data, it transforms and enables us the abilities of superhumans.

For example; super farmers software application made a normal farmer into a super farmer that knows what to grow, when to plant, what medicine to use and where to sell of the crops. Super doctors made doctors do very accurate, hard but successful operations using software and the micro-technology. The list goes on to super cars, super manufacturers, super cities, self-sufficient houses, and super teachers.

It also becomes very easy for people with disabilities such as people who are visually impaired in Turkey to reach 25,000 books from anywhere and reading them, and what is cooler is that the code they write you will think it is coming from any regular software engineers.

What do we have to do then?

We need to embrace the magic; the data-driven thinking, decision making, the idea measurement, and execution be aware that as entrepreneurs beyond startup that the success of your idea’s %95 attributed to the execution.

As a part of being the startup community and entrepreneurs we all know the importance of the execution, so create your ideas and never forget to execute them for the real success comes from your execution to the ides.
Believe in the magic of software, have the data-driven thinking in your decision making, measuring your decisions and ideas and remember what Bill Gates said “Closest thing to magic in this planet is the software, you create an app or a service and you can have the ability to touch millions of people’s lives”.

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