Your Tweets Are Building Companies

This article is written by Mohammad Eslim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Sanjeet has been working at Twitter as the Lead Technology Creative for Brand Strategy EMEA. He is an expert on the role and application of technology and adtech and has delivered award-winning campaigns for global brands. He’s a strong advocate of ecosystems and partnership, and has been fortunate enough to work across cultures and geographies to understand how the application of technology is more important than buzzwords. He has delivered campaigns utilizing the latest technologies for clients such as Burberry, TopShop, Unilever, Tesco, Samsung, Xbox, John Lewis, Adidas, Volkswagen, Playstation, Orange and others.

Simple words in a tweet have a larger value than it seem, there are many platforms that for people to use where they share their experiences, express their feelings and moods, share their opinions among doing other things. Facebook and Twitter are two leading platforms with huge base of users in the social media sector around the globe.

So how can the tweets and posts you share across these platforms have this huge effect that companies would have to be accustomed to it? Well, for starters you, as a tweeter, have to know that there are a billion tweets received every two days, which leads us to acknowledge the enormous amount of data collected about almost everything from people around the world. That of course tells us something about the size of the servers used to store the whole data, but that’s not the real issue here.

The main thing that should grasp our attention here is the huge amount of data we post without actually realizing the effect it can have on the businesses some company have, the changes of decisions in many aspects or the products that can be built based on it.

Flowics is a company build on basis of data collected from Twitter and serves right back into the social media, it’s an Audience Participation Platform for brands and media to attract, retain and monetize audiences on all digital environments. This platform is provided with moderation and has all the clever functionality built in which they then license to other people.

In the 21st century with the technology exponential boost in every aspect of our lives, all of the abilities we couldn’t pursue has flourished with the artificial intelligence and the big data. And as so, it became easier to see the new trends and know what people like to do, like to have, want to do, want to achieve and what they choose; thus, platforms like Flowics has been there to engage, analyze where there are data analysts work with you to create custom reports with the metrics that matter to you. They also have products that do curation for broadcast products so you see tweets on TV and big venue screens and so on.

Spredfast, a company based out of the US and formerly known as mass relevance, as a matter of fact it got acquired recently because what is interesting about this company is that it’s the first time that a broadcast television Twitter vote that actually happened in the UK. So as well as being able to affect the new forms of media, there are a lot of traditional broadcasters that are still not quite sure how to handle social data or how to handle Twitter data and eventually make it work. For a fact, it becomes apparent to you over time when you watch different TV shows like The X Factor that the pulse is on Twitter!

As of now, it’s a time where big data played a role in almost everything from services, trends and voting for shows to new products, companies and phenomenally even the elections of governments! 

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