How The Digital Era Is Changing The Future Of Doing Business

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Sten Tamkivi is the C.E.O of Topia which is a globally recognized company that offers consultation on global mobility for companies and Governments.

Today, there are 7.2 billion people on planet earth (a population that keeps growing). And also, there are 3.5 billion jobs out of which 700 million of them are mobile jobs which include careers in software development, business, graphic design, and financial services.  This means that if you can indulge in any of these job industries then you can work in more than one country even if your well conversed with just one language.

So, why are some careers and business opportunities like the ones I mentioned above such globally fluid? This could be because of the following reasons:

It could be due to the fact that income and profits are increasingly holding a global aspect. This is because the more business or a career person wants to flourish in their field by earning more and doing what they love the more they have to break the boundaries of the boarders n their respective countries.

The digital reality that the globe is facing has opened up the business and professional market thereby enabling people to market their businesses and technical skills to potential clients anywhere and everywhere that it may be needed at the click of a button. Therefore the digital era has pushed professionals and business people to migrate to outside market territories other than their countries.

Another aspect that is making professionals and business to work and trade with any company across the world without moving an inch is the emergence of online business and work opportunities. Today, an entrepreneur can invest in the numerous business opportunities that exist through the online platform and become successful just by working at the comfort of their seats on a laptop. Am talking about business opportunities in klepto currencies, digital media, and content creation businesses among others.  While on the other hand, online career opportunities include writing, transaction, counseling, and coding among many others.

The two case studies above show how the digital era is opening up opportunities to business and career people by exposing them to markets and clients that are outside their borders. This only means that for one’s business or career to be competent and drive attention in the coming days where we anticipate for full digital disruption in our social living then there needs to be a consistent revision of one’s career and the business path from time to time.

No one is assured that their high flying career and leading business for today will be able to achieve the same in the next five years. Even more, digital technologies that work today might just be obsolete in the next three months when a tech start-up that is being worked on right now gets to be fully scaled up.

Lastly, the future is going to be limitless. With limitless opportunities both in business and career-wise. Therefore, it’s very important for you not to limit your career or business by having just one set of skills or concentrating on a particular business model over long periods of time. Please change with times in order to be relevant.

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