The Six Core Principles of Influence.

This article is written by Nardine B. M’barek, a Contributor Author at Startup Turkey.R

As the Founder and CEO of Inception Business Solutions, Mr. Ross Kingsland was present in Startup Turkey 2016 and offered us ones of the best tips concerning Growth Hacking that his company follows. 

In the matter of fact, succeeding in the field of entrepreneurship, and making your company successful, does not only depend on the fact that you are able to attract a market, but also, on your ability to keep that market, and convince people to keep using your product, while increasing your profit.

During his speech, Mr. Ross Kingsland mentioned how important ‘influence’ is. The way you persuade your clients, and convince them that your product is worth using is the most efficient way to actually keep them within your market. Mr. Kingsland had the chance to meet Dr. Robert B.Cialdini, the author of the bestseller; Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, in which he talked about the importance of influence. Mr. Kingsland relates influence to entrepreneurship, it does have a huge impact on your success as an entrepreneur, that is why he included the six core principles of influence in his speech, and instructed our audience to follow them in order to attain and have better results in the future when it comes to attracting markets and clients. 

The first core principle of influence is ‘Social Proof’. People do not like being the first ones when it comes to getting out of their comfort zone, and do things that no ones else has done before. The example that he mentioned was that of social media; if one person notices that another social media user has many followers, curiosity will drive her or him to follow that person as well, in order to see why so many people are doing that. It is all related, numbers are very convincing in every case.

The number of followers that people have will convince others to stand out and follow them so that they can see why exactly everyone is doing it, that is why ‘Social Proof’ is a very powerful factor when it comes to influencing and persuading clients and people, it highly influences their decisions, and that is what you need to work on as an entrepreneur. 

The second core principle is ‘Authority’. It is something extremely powerful, but we do not realize how much power it could give us. To back up this principle, Mr. Kingsland mentioned the example of an author called James Altucher, who had the CEO of twitter endorse his book through writing the first page, which made of it a bestseller.

‘Scarcity’ is the third core principle of influence. One of the bestselling toys around Christmas this year in the US and the UK was the Star Wars BB-8 droid, the fact that it was a limited edition made people want it even more, proving that is something is scarce, then its value will automatically increase. Mr. Kingsland moved then to the 4th core principle, which is ‘Commitment & Consistency’; followed by ‘liking’ and ‘reciprocity’. 

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