The emotion-based Marketing

This article is written by Mohammad Eslim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

We can always look up into our study books to find out what the word ‘Marketing’ means. However, it doesn’t stop at the dictionary definition of it, “Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

As the world’s businesses evolve, develop and cover important aspects in our lives, the need to promote businesses has grew drastically. And so people moved from old school marketing methodology, calling for their products in the markets to flyers to radios to television screens then finally to the internet, and however many mediums are used as platforms for marketing, it turned into a science. Marketing, fortunately, has changed over the years and became more sophisticated.

No matter how many strategies the marketing science has there are always some sides to the marketing mixed with arts. Surprisingly, marketing has taken over an emotion based strategies that stands as an emotional connection established through advertising or other means to build an audience or potential clients without pressuring them into trying your product or service.

The up sides of that emotional connection is that when you speak to people through friendlier comments or nice, sweet requests, you attract them into trying what you got without spending too much effort as a strange guy going there asking bluntly to buy your product. It also make people feel happy to help you by visiting your website or your mobile application/game to know what you do, and naturally that leads to more users more clients willing to be your customers.

Of course it doesn’t have to always work in doing that as what happened with Hotmail, writing a nice lovely comments in an advertisement. However, you can use any marketing strategy and form it to make that special connection. For example, use suspense, surprise, magic moments and all that leads to the ‘WOW!’ at the end of it.

Your company grows and scale up and so does your experience. Going through marketing and the hardships you can possibly face in the market, it is safe to say that through them you reach the level where you can control the user experience. There will be skepticism in the first but you surpass this stage by over-deliver and under-promise. That technique made Uber form a huge trusting audience, and in addition the company will have this community that will lead investors to invest into it without necessarily investing in you!  

Marketing is not easy as it sometimes depends on luck and wait for the right time to start the marketing process. It takes effort to go through it but it will be worth it once you do it right, so don’t be lazy, be creative and make that connection between you, your product and your customer. Raise this connection and be personal, as the center of your business are your customers who will need good communication line for you to keep them up with you and invest in this relationship.


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