Understanding The Entrepreneurship Concept

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Turkey.

Mudassir Sheikha is the founder and CEO of Careem, the leading MENA-based reservation service in Dubai for cars and automobile, which operates from Morocco to Pakistan. Before venturing into Careem, Mudassir was a partner at McKinsey & amp, the company that advises clients about business strategy and developments. Prior to McKinsey, Mudassir spent a decade in the modification and understanding of technology in Silicon Valley, where he recently founded DeviceAnywhere, which was eventually was acquired by Keynote Systems. He has degrees in computer science and economics from Stanford and USC.

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business when it builds and springs up to make a profit. Just like all other professions, worldwide entrepreneurs have challenges and advantages from the efforts they put in their startup companies.

While at Mr. Burak’s world’s leading Startup Turkey’s event, Mudassir Sheikha shares the five main lessons that he learned from his general entrepreneurial and professional experience. Employers must start by solving local problems. As an entrepreneur, solving problems must always be in your head, and you should be happy to decide. The bigger the problem, the greater the chance. If there are challenges, you will have the opportunity to find out the problem, find a solution to the problem, and improve the service or product.

An entrepreneur must learn iterative ideas by developing things quickly, skillfully, and without spending months or years developing them. Go to the market promptly and let yourself be told what to do through advice, assess it and keep going. Let the market tell you what is needed, because the market itself is a dynamic space that meets the need of those who have an idea of it.

Hire great people, especially for startups. For the new startup entrepreneurs, it is a challenge to recruit good people because you find that many want to work in large multinational companies. However, we have a need to interact with human resource firms for guidelines and advice to help through recruiting.

Gifted people may have a big impact and not a start. Find partners for your startup, and let them feel more like partners and as employees by offering business justice. When looking for talent to hire, you can also buy other small companies, if resources allow.

Most importantly, don’t give up on the talented and skilled people who you believe have a way to influence the company. Find local allies and involve people as consultants and investors. They can help with local knowledge, advertisements and may open the doors that couldn’t be opened.

In addition, entrepreneurs intending for growth in their startups must find and define their own personal goals. It is not difficult to be an entrepreneur, but if you cannot find your destination, and strategize it, then it becomes very difficult to continue as a startup. Find out what makes you do what you do, if it is exactly what you wish to achieve and this will serve as a guide for future success.

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