Varying Faces Of Entrepreneurship Across The Globe

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Elmira Bayrasli is an entrepreneur, writer, consultant and lecturer. She was present at Startup Istanbul 2015 where she talked about success in entrepreneurship.

Have you ever thought what could be the impact of globalization on the world of business? Like, imagine if borders were ripped off and it was easier, safer and legal to transact, exchange ideas and relate with everyone across the globe on a business basis. 

Imagine If  business people across the world can be  able to FULLY trade, partner and share innovative ideas with each other without any policy or infrastructural impediments , then the world would be better off in terms of offering affordable, eco-friendlier , efficient , faster , more quality and healthy goods and services through the massive exchange of ideas, experiences and expertise across the global spectrum.

However, despite the fact that global business is being appreciated, there are still hindrances to its full actualization. This piece highlights the challenges that stand to inhibit the full-scale actualization of doing business on a global level.

1.) Challenges to achieving full business Globalization in developed countries.

If you ask someone living in a developed what they understand from the term ‘entrepreneurship ‘ the probable answers that you will get include silicon valley, klepto currencies, innovation, efficiency, faster ethics and even better pay for a fair wage. This is because people in developed countries have been beneficiaries of some sort of good business ethics that have seen them experience the benefits of having emerging start-ups that are dedicated to solving social problems.

So, on average, the term ‘entrepreneurship’ means good for the citizens living in a developed country.  Now, let’s move to the next topic and learn from the views of people living in less developed countries.

(2.) Challenges to achieving full business Globalization in less developed countries

On the other hand, if you ask someone living in developing countries to give you the terms they think best describe ‘entrepreneurship‘, then you will hear words like starting capital, no resources, unsupporting policies, crafts, not enough skills, theft, corruption, know someone and even political uncertianity.

Of course am not concluding that there are no better terms to describe entrepreneurship in less developed countries, just that more negative terms do appear in the list even more.  Also for the purpose of contextualizing this article I choose to focus on the bad side when it comes to describing entrepreneurship with an intention of bringing out a positive message as you will notice if you keep on reading this article.

The way forward when it comes to transforming the global business narrative is to promote discussions that cement the thought that entrepreneurship is a process that enables life to be more fulfilling, better and of high quality.

And the above thought should be a globally sold so that people no matter the type of country they live in, still, they can associate with others from far different countries to ideate on how better they can share expertise, knowledge, innovative ideas and resources to enable entrepreneurial ventures that can change different parts of the world .

Entrepreneurship should never be limited to a geographical border, country or social status. But, it should be enhanced through global connections from different citizens across the world to make life better and exciting.

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