6 tips To Inform Better Investment Decisions For Anticipatory Computing

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

First, of all these 6 tips that am going to explore are to act as a guiding rod for navigation since anticipatory computing is a new investment arena. Therefore even as you dissect these six points, have an open mind to experience more when you indulge in the business.  That being the case, I will go straight to our first tip below :

(1.) The first tip that I would tell you before venturing into anticipatory computing is to first prove what your software application can do and then the money will come later. Do not prioritize to make money from your anticipatory computing start-up if you are not sure that the services your offering will stand the test of time.

(2.) Completely relay on the users of your anticipatory marketing start-up to improve service delivery. Every single user of your anticipatory computing application software matters and never ignore a single complain for your new start-up on anticipatory computing even if you have a million good messages from other users.

(3.) If your anticipatory computing Start-up expands outside your geographical region, then make sure that you involve the expertise and opinions of the new geographical region that you are penetrating. Do not fully employ expertise from one community to innovate better customer experience for a different geographical region you are trying to penetrate.

(4.) Offer titles, prizes and royalties (among others) to the most frequent and committed users for your new software application on anticipatory computing. Then make it public that users who are vocal and popular on your site will get loyalty rewards after a certain period. This technique will ensure that your new software application on anticipatory computing gets the popular momentum faster.

(5.) Have a manageable team, to begin with, that is diverse and multitalented. Such a team is better in improving the innovation for your new anticipatory software application than if it were just any team with no clear uniqueness.

(6.) Lastly, ensure that your start-up on anticipatory computing has a human resource person from day one. This is to ensure that strong innovation values, cultures, remuneration and team roles allocation are monitored and nurtured at an early stage.


It is important that anticipatory computing being a new investment area, I initiate the roadmap on how to better understand the process of investing in anticipatory computing.  So what I would encourage you to embrace courage while thinking of any investment in the new area of digital revolution.

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