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This article is written by Mohammad Eslim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.


Have you ever thought that obtaining technology makes the business easier in terms of serving the customer? Then you could have been never wrong! From previous experience, when you try your hardest, spending majority of your time on reforming the technology in a way you think is best for the customers’ need more than sitting with the customers themselves then you will fail terribly.

Now, being a startup is very hard; there are a lot of information to process, be it bringing staff, thought about technology or invoices, this lot of different information is coming at you from multiple channels. And to get ahead of all this, you have got to remember your customers.

Normally when we list the important factors to start or make a business, we tend to forget the center of all businesses and the drive of our growth, the customer. To keep a customer you have to understand the customer and connect all pieces of your system to what the customer’s demands need. Furthermore, the customer is constantly changing which means that whatever silos of data you are holding of the customers are in dynamic and fluxing state. Thoughts on this kind of change happening is not only because of biasing to your competitors but also due the change of the customers’ expectations as the technology is growing rapidly.

Customers nowadays want a convenient way to engage with businesses and have a personalized experience while we are still using Excel to manage their contacts in %85 of the companies around the world. They use systems that don’t talk with one another nor with the customers so they keep themselves away from the business, only asking about what the product did and what it didn’t.

To find customers and keep them, Salesforce platform offer you some pointers:

  1. Find your prospects in any channel, it means you are able to track your prospects and the companies that could work with you across on average of five different channels. You as a company have to choose a way to have a cogent conversation with each one of your customers you brought using these channels.

These channels include app, email, phone calls, web sites and meeting in person.

  • Personalize the journey of your customers so they feel like you know where they are in that journey across those channels, making sure they feel it’s one-to-one journey and not one-to-many.
  • Build campaigns that actually gives you as a company an insight into your prospect behavior, so when you go looking for a customer and then you can go through your prospect channel you can get a report on how precisely you are going to return on investment information.

Following these pointers thoroughly give you a great chance of holding customers to you. As you can see, customers should be included in the cycle that connects you and technology with the customers’ needs. Keep in close-touch for feedback and suggestions and every complaint should be considered in order to have a satisfied customer, for a satisfied customer means you succeed achieving what it’s supposed to!

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