Docido: The Smartest Search Engine for Your Clouds

Docido has been selected for mentorship and training program at Startup Istanbul. Applications are still open.

France based startup, Docido is the smartest and most secure search engine for your clouds bridging the gap between Social Networks, Email and SaaS. It helps you search and retrieve all your information from Gmail to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Box, Dropbox and even your business application like your CRM, or project management system. Enterprise Search market is 3.5 billions USD/ year, but when it comes to searching in the cloud, search is broken. With Docido, you can scale your enterprise search while migrating your apps and information in the cloud.  They also allow you to back up and interoperate any piece of data from your company.
Docido is an enterprise service to search that bridges seperate cloud services in a unified interface and enables transversal search for documents, media files, posts, messages and contacts.

─ September 9, 2014