Falcolabs: A Complete Flight Assistance & Management System

Falco Labs is one the selected startups for mentorship and training program at Startup Istanbul. You can still apply from here.

Falco Labs aims to leapfrog boundaries of technology by providing innovative solutions for Uav’s their first product Flight Ranger is a complete flight assistance & management system for Uav’s. Using Flight Ranger Uav pilots can get real-time flight assistance, actionable metrics to use with host of other applications and above all enjoy a safe flight.Apart from being an intelligent flight assistant, flight ranger is the world’s first network of Uav pilots and allows you to locate nearby pilots and share your flying experience with the world!
Falco Labs is the first Pakistan based company to provide customized UAV’s (drones) services, our disruptive innovation is in disaster recovery and security & surveillances industry through their custom build applications and UAV’s. They also provide solutions for many kind of industries such as real estate, civil engineering, 3D mapping, safe and rescue, aerial filming and much more.
They are partnering with NGO’s & Public sector organisations as their solutions are 90% cheaper and 100% more effective & prompt as compared to conventional safe and rescue solutions.

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