Why you should hire millennials for your startup

Entrepreneurs create their businesses driven by innovation and determine their own rules when it comes to new company culture and modern management style. From business models through office space to working hours, the whole startup community tends to break the cliché and implement distinctive approaches.

When we talk about the importance of the hiring policies and the different skill sets entrepreneurs search in their employees, it cannot stay unnoticed the need of coherence between the startup ideas and the team behind the execution of these ideas.

Startups are established with the mission to innovate and innovation is based on creating something new, extraordinary and fascinating, which brings great value to the customers and the society. Often startup owners dislike the idea of hiring millennials for the lack of experience, but what they must think of is the biggest skill which millennials carry – creativity.

Millennials, or also known as the Generation Y, are the people born and grown up during the years of the technology revolution. They easily embrace changes, expect the unexpected and are motivated by ideas and creativity. Millennials have very different skill set and often dare to break the rules and think out of the box. Millennials are familiar with the entrepreneurial world and are willing to contribute with all their power in order to change it. Millennials haven’t just watched the world change, they have been raised with these changes.

Even though millennials struggle to find suitable jobs, they often change their workplace. The reason for this is that millennials don’t like to spend their time on something they don’t strongly believe in. Raised with the educational system which encourages free thinkers and educates leaders, millennials put their creativity in what they believe in. Your startup can benefit from the exceptional behaviors of millennials and every startup owner must take the chance to attract millennials to their business.

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