Three Ways to Become Better at Hiring

One of the biggest goals for startup owners is to achieve growth and expand their company. When this so-long-waited moment comes, entrepreneurs face another challenge – hiring the right employees. It is tough decision when it comes to choosing the right person for your company, because the requirements for the right startup employee are different from the rest. Startup employees must be flexible, hard-working, talented, and inspired by your vision and your startup mission.

So, the ultimate question is: How can you become better at hiring in order to choose the right new member for your team, to save yourself time and to be confident in your choice?

Here you can find three ultimate ways to become better at hiring and to expand your team by choosing the most suitable new member.


It is important to create a defined list of qualities which the right candidate must have for the position. This interview in not just about the candidates, it is about your business and the future of your startup. So, you must be prepared as well. Knowing what exactly the position requires from the perfect employee will help you sort the candidates easily without any additional time spent. Include in your list the full description of the position and what are the personal and professional qualities which the right candidate must possess. Once you are prepared, you are ready to concentrate on what you are looking for, not to start discovering what might be right during the interview.


Give yourself a deadline, in which you should take your final decision. Make sure that you are setting the sufficient amount of time for your hiring. It is always a bad choice to open a position when you are in desperate need for someone to start immediately. Having set deadline will help you spend enough time recruiting candidates without the need to make your decision right away, so you will be able to explore your options. When your hiring process is moving too slow or very quick, it is very likely to choose wrong candidate, which can be crucial for a startup. Give yourself some time to think about each candidate’s interview and having a deadline can help you get more organized.


Startups need fresh ideas and creative people who happened to have the right technical and personal skills for the offered position. Now, here is the time to think out of the box when you make your hiring decisions. Being open to candidates who come from different backgrounds, experience and education will be great opportunity for entrepreneurs to enrich their team with some interesting and valuable people. Be flexible in your decisions, so you will not limit your candidates to just the regular crowd. Be able to attract people who are willing to join a startup motivated by your vision and business mission. If you are flexible in your interview and recruiting perimeters, it is very likely to attract flexible and open-minded people as well.

─ January 15, 2015