Five Useful HR Resources for Entrepreneurs

In the early stages of every startup’s development the founders have to play all key roles in the company and recruiting and managing the employees is one of them. In entrepreneurship, HR skills and leadership skills often blend together. Entrepreneurs need to find the way to manage and lead the team by mentoring and delegating at the same time. Along their way to creating the dream team for their startup, entrepreneurs face many difficulties but, luckily, there are some HR resources which can help to make this experience better.  


BambooHR deservedly has been the leading HR tool for a while. It is great HR software, created specifically for small and medium businesses, giving them exactly what they need – not more, not less. There are no hidden fees and both employers and employees enjoy working with it. The software adapts to the needs of the user by allowing them to access, control, to sort and analyze their information from different locations. It saves valuable time; allows you to follow the days off of your employees; to track payrolls in different currencies; provides unlimited employee and management access. It is great tool for entrepreneurs.



Zenefits is great HR software for entrepreneurs with one great advantage – it allows 99% of the HR work to be automatized, which saves time and we all know how valuable time is for entrepreneurs. With Zenefits you are able to manage payrolls and taxes, insurance and benefits, time off and other HR systems from one online place.



Why Career Sushi is important for your startup? Career Sushi is a great online place where the world freshest minds connect with the most innovative companies. Startups always are in constant need for talent and by choosing their candidates from their actual profiles, which display exactly who they are and what they are looking for makes it even easier to find the right person to join your business.



Greenhouse is a great online tool to help you find better candidates for your startup by conducting more focused interviews and helping you to make more data-driven decisions. Greenhouse is great for entrepreneurs because it helps them to find talented candidates and to receive relevant feedback in order to make right choices and take faster hiring decisions.



Halogen Talent Space Software is great software which takes talent management to a whole new level. It has never been easier to manage your team by accessing feedback, tracking goals and development, and evaluating the employee performance. Talent is essential for every startup and entrepreneurs must know how to manage it.


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